Date de publication : 22/ 07/ 2012

My Dear Anglo Friends

My Dear Anglo Friends,

Elections are coming. Soon. Rumours converge on an electoral campaign kick-off on the 1st of August, which means this province will vote and choose its future government on Septembre 4th.

Now I know quite well, understand and appreciate that most of you aren’t thrilled by separatists, or sovereignty, or any other project that involves the independance of Quebec in any form. So we’re not going to talk about that right now. In any case, it’s a complete non-issue: no major party is campaigning on this topic, not even the PQ (and let’s be honest here, there’s no way we can call Option Nationale or Québec Solidaire major parties).

But I’ll talk about issues that I hope you care about: the horrendous stade of our health care system. The even-more dismal conditions of roads and infrastructures. The outright complacency and lack of ethics of university administrators, whose pay and severance packages have increased at an undecent rate in past years. The rising cost of energy, even hydro-electricity, while natural resources (including potential finds of gas and oil) are being handed over for a pittance to the private sector.  All these issues have nothing to do with the separatist debate.

Or wait, maybe they do.

Maybe it hangs around one single, hard piece of evidence. Since the rise of the PQ, all of you, my dear Anglo friends, have rallied massively and joined forces with the Liberals. And honestly, there are quite a few of you. Which means that in any election, the PLQ can count on a steady electoral base of 20% of voters, no matter what they do or say or promise. No matter what. Because there is no way you’re going to trust the other guys (or girls, as it turns out)  enough that you’ll vote for them.

Fair enough; but by now you’re taken for granted. No party, not even the liberals, is even bothering to court the anglo vote. As we’ve witnessed in recent years, this situation has opened the door to all kind of abuses. We’ve stopped counting how many liberal ministers were forced to resign after conflicts of interest were unveiled, how many political organizers were arrested on charges of corruption.

This just can’t go on. The PLQ has to be removed from it’s noxious position of power and abuse.

My dear Anglo friends, this is an election, not a referendum. Your choice on Septembre 4th is about the day-to-day running of a province, not a choice between countries. So why not do things differently this time? Drop the liberals. If you lean on the center or center-left side of the political spectrum, vote for the PQ. Edit: if you hate the PQ with all your guts, then go for the Greens.  If you’d rather go for the center-right, vote CAQ. And if you’re an all-out leftist, well go and vote for Québec Solidaire, why  not? Yes, there is the annoying possibility of a referendum; but then you are also free to vote “No” again (and frankly I’ll side with you on that one).

But please! don’t vote for the Liberals. This province has seen enough corruption as it is in the past 9 years. It’s cost us more than any referendum ever will. It’s time for a change. We all deserve better.

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  1. John says:

    Tu penses que le PQ n’est pas aussi corrompus ? Cette parti peut compté sur 30 % de la vote francophone même si leur chef utilise des fonds pour une toilette en or…

  2. Matthew Cope says:

    Good observations – mostly – and certainly worth considering. I usually hold my nose and vote PLQ, but I have also voted PQ (!), Green and Unaligned in past elections, and I think the first Lévesque administration was good for everyone.

    I can’t get excited about Charest or my MNA (Jacques Chagnon), but a soft assurance that because the PQ isn’t campaigning on sovereignty (which we don’t know yet) that independence is no longer on their agenda. It’s their entire raison dêtre. I’m against that for all kinds of reasons – even though I would probably benefit from it personally.

    I’m not nuts about Charest, but I don’t trust Pauline Marois at all – on any issue. And when the PQ dumps her (as it surely will) I have no idea who might take her place or what they might advocate.

    What this province needs is Québec NDP.

  3. [...] mais Patrick Lévesque l’a fait bien mieux que ce que j’aurais pu le faire. À lire! (texte en anglais). La vie ne peut être vécue seulement dans le sérieux. J'aime rire et faire rire, la musique, [...]

  4. gham says:

    J’aime le Quebec, J’aime le Canada, Ils sont les mêmes choses, la séparation va détruit le paye.

    As an anglophone, which I suspect you deduced from the quality of my french, I want you to know that Canada without Quebec is not Canada, nor will it be. Alberta will leave in short order. There is more to be gained together than there is apart, I hope that temporary politics and arrogant bloggers don’t prevent us from experiencing reconciliation and mutual acceptance in the future.

    Zut alors.

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